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Root Stories is ...

Root Stories is a collection of resources to help you discover, explore and tell your personal story, find your own path, roll around in the glorious mud of uncertainty, and maybe even find your own version of clarity.

Whether your story is about your passion for lichens, how your mother came to accidentally collect 200 teaspoons, or how you overcame a major illness to run a marathon—the principles of telling that story are the same.

The beginning and end of your storytelling journey are immensely satisfying. The exploratory first steps. The resolution of a story told and heard.

But in between is a difficult, unsettling mess of confusion and uncertainty. This messy middle is also where you will find the greatest and most creative solutions—if only you let yourself explore.

  • explore your own murky memories,
  • figure out what you want to say to who,
  • plan your story and decide the best tool for telling it,
  • exercise your story telling muscles and make yourself heard.


Writer. Designer. Illustrator. Photographer. Ecologist. Wanderer. Wonderer. Strategist. Collaborator. Landscape historian. Story guide.

It’s hard to tell your own story when you are lost in the middle of it. I know. I’ve been there. And now I'm helping the voiceless and the tongue-tied to untangle and tell their own stories.

Everyone has a story to tell, but very few have the confidence or natural inclination to be their own story teller. I’ve spent 20-something years helping turn research, data and memories into stories that people actually want to hear.

My real passion is for the personal stories that we all have and that many of us struggle to let out. I feel immensely privileged to witness that moment of clarity when your story unravels in your own mind, you suddenly know what you need to say to who, and discover the voice to tell your story.

I'm your guide on that journey. I hold your hand and offer gentle guidance from the side.

Miranda - tell your story


Walking companion. Office buddy. Sock muncher. Sniffer. Bowl sitter. Sand digger. Laundry disruptor. Cuddler. Cockapoo.

This hairy beast is Pickle, my office buddy, walking companion and favourite sock-muncher. 

Pickle likes long walks on the beach, barbecues, chicken, sausages and biscuits, sitting in a washing-up bowl, and chasing birds on the beach.

His most significant memories involve cheese, chicken, kibble and tennis balls. He's not much interested in narrative process or anything beyond what's happening in the moment, but he does a fine job of encouraging me to get away from my desk and out exploring.

Pickle in a bowl
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